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Writing job descriptions may seem to be an onerous task, but, with ITJobCompiler™, it’s mostly done for you.

Good job profiles are a valuable tool for managing your IT human capital, but too often they're overlooked and lead to problems for HR, managers, and employees.  For instance:

  • Can you quickly access the latest version of every job profile for all your IT jobs?
  • Do your job profiles drive recruitment, performance, skills assessment, and overall talent management?
  • Are the IT Job Profiles being created are right for and appropriate to your IT department?
  • Do your employees know what their Job Profile is and what's expected of them?
  • Can you link your IT Job Profiles to an assessible IT Competency Framework?
  • Are your IT Job Profiles defensible in the case of employee grievance?

With ITJobCompiler™ you will confidently answer yes to all of those questions and you can finally cross that very important but cumbersome line item off your to-do list, once and for all.

  • Give those in the organization who need job information – managers, HR business partners, etc. – access to the IT Job Profiles
  • Manage job descriptions from a central, shared online repository
  • Ensure managers and employees are aware of their job responsibilities
  • Provide easy online access to current and past job descriptions
  • Include assessable job competencies with assessment forms and hiring requisitions.

Other similar solutions offer to store and make this information available to you – but YOU have to provide all the content.

With ITJobCompiler™, we provide you with the relevant job content, ensuring that your IT Job Profiles are up-to-date with latest trends in IT and relevant with similar jobs in other organizations.

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